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Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part Nine- Why Supplements for Energy?)

Natural Remedies

As discussed in part 8, food is an important part of your strategy to generate energy. Quality in choice of food is nearly as important. You can review this in more detail in my post about building the foundation of natural health on solid ground- part two. However, the quality of the end product when it […]

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Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part Eight- Eating for Energy)

Eating for Energy- Photo by 90 jiang on Unsplash

Everything we eat provides energy. Calories measure the energy in food by the biological heat produced from the food. Although a commonly used way to measure food energy, calories are not a good way to gauge the energy food generates.  They do not tell the full story. One failure from the caloric approach is that […]

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Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part Seven – Exercise: Part 2)

Wave energy - Photo by madison bilsborough on Unsplash

Exercise Has Ebbs and Flows Too To make your exercise routine’s more effective, it important to recognize that as with your energy cycles that ebb and flow, so too does exercise. As a result, you should not just keep pushing and pushing once you get a routine going and expect straight line results. Your bodily […]

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