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World Food Policy Center

Located in the Sanford School of Public Policy, it’s intent is to develop coordinated and inclusive food policy and practices. By inclusive, it appears from what they offer seems to mean lower income groups, children, and families.

They also target policies that impact the food system which includes agricultural and educational policy. Other concerns include:

  • Management of the food system.
  • Impact of diet on human health
  • Impact of food production on the planet
  • Inequity in food access for marginalized communities

Food Insecurity- An Example

One issue the center covers is food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as a description of households who struggle with access to enough nutritious food for each member of the household to live healthy and full lives.

Below is a video about food insecurity from National Geographic about food insecurity for a family of three children.

Some comments on the video. While this family may be suffering from food insecurity, they sure don’t look it. If you really want to see food insecurity Venezuela may be a better example in this day and age in our hemisphere.

I think another issue here is the quality of food which takes us into the inequality of food distribution issue.

That is, the poorer class in our nation are able to afford highly processed and agriculturally subsidized foods which offer very poor quality nutrition leading to weight gain and major health problems.

Below is an infographic on the food insecurity issue from the site:

Useful Snapshot of the Problem

Here’s another useful infographic on the impact on children’s health of food insecurity from the center:

As They Age These Ailments Probably Grow Into More Serious Issues

Podcasts – Another Useful Tool

Below is another useful tool that is featured on the site- Podcasts. There are a regular number of podcasts on the site that can be informative on a variety of issues. The one below focuses on the food insecurity issue entitled: The Web of Poverty, Racism, and Sexism Surrounding Food Insecurity.

On the Whole

There are a good number of resources on the Duke Sanford World Food Policy Center. The podcasts cover a wide variety of issues such as:

  • Food and Early Childhood
  • Food and Economic Development
  • Food and Faith
  • Food and Obesity
  • Food Policy
  • Food and Racial Equity
  • Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment
  • Voice of Farming

There are reports, infographics and video’s on topics already mentioned as well. I may not agree with all of the slants and the emphasis some of which leans a little to the left for my taste. However, the dialogues raised appears to be reasoned and intelligent.

All in all, this is a site worth bookmarking and keeping on your list of sites to visit from time to time for perspectives on food and health issues and policy.

You can find them at this link: Duke University World Food Policy Center

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