Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part Eleven – Getting and Using AFA)

SBGA Blue Green Algae Capsules

Now that you have some background of what began in 1977 as super blue green algae or aphanizomenon flos aquae (AFA), let’s take a look at some suggestions on how to buy and consume it.

Direct Online Purchasing

When Daryl and Marta Kollman found this unique strain of nutritional algae to be such a superior energy producing product, they launched a company to bring it to the public.

They decided to market this unique product through the non-standard word of mouth or network marketing method, rather than through commercial channels.

Why Network Marketing?

Network marketing was selected because:

  • The Kollman’s believed the algae’s unique impact required a more personal level of introduction.
  • This method enabled them to retain strict quality controls
  • They wanted to be able to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs like themselves, to earn a part or even full-time income, by sharing the product with others.

Even though Daryl and Marta are no longer involved, the company has remained solidly positioned in the peer-to-peer marketing space as a network marketing company.

The original AFA product line has never been available on retail shelves or in the Amazon line up.

Anyone interested in trying the product gets it through an existing independent associate.

As a result:

  • Product quality has never been compromised for profit.
  • Quality and production quantity have been improved not compromised for profit.
  • Company focus has remained in the organic nutrition arena emphasizing organic or wild harvested nutritional blends.

Getting the AFA and the 90 Day Guarantee Policy

Once you reach an independent associate site, purchasing is as easy as any other purchase you make online.

  • Background information on products and available choices.
  • Videos to help you make informed selections
  • Add to Your Cart and view the total before you approve the purchase.
  • A 90 day return policy on nearly all products.

You can explore the product line and purchase by clicking here.

Three Pricing Levels

There are three price levels to purchase the product at.

  1. Retail Purchase – Follow the link. Arrive at the site. Purchase the product(s) at the retail price.First-time purchasers can use this to see if these products are something you will continue to use. (All purchases have a 90-day money back guarantee to allow you to make up your mind with no financial risk.)


  2. Auto-order customer – If you have purchased before and expect to use the product regularly, you can set up an auto-order which requires an automatic purchase of over $50 set up for every 1 to 3 months. This will give you a 10% discount off of the retail price for any products purchased through auto-order or independently of the auto-order.

    Regular Users – This is recommended for those who expect to use the product regularly but not interested in building a business or not making on-going monthly purchases.

  3. Independent associate to purchase at a price about 25-30% or more discount from the retail price (varies with the product purchased) for all products purchased.

    Regular Users with monthly purchasing intent or people who wish to share the products for discounts and home based business building.

    This is recommended for people who will be ordering the product regularly and wish a full retail discount. Additionally, people who wish to share the product for product refunds and expect to have a few regular users or will find a few regular users.

    This requires the purchase of a business kit at $99. It doesn’t mean you have to build a home-based business. That is your choice. It just means that you have to make a purchase at least once during a 6 month period to continue to purchase at the wholesale level.

    If you expect to purchase regularly, factor in the cost of the kit to your intended purchases. Calculate how long it would take you to make up the difference in savings off of the retail or 10% discount, auto-order levels mentioned above to see if it will work for you.

Two Advantages to Independent Associate

  1. Discounted wholesale price on the products
  2. Ability to create a business and or share the product with others to generate bonus checks for further discounts

You must be an independent associate for wholesale discounts from retail and to share the products, which enables further discounts in the form of bonus checks.

The possibility to build a business as an independent associate into a part or full time income can be explored be choosing the Opportunity link from the main menu.

This is entirely optional and never a requirement or you lose your discount off of the retail price.

First Purchase Recommendations

To order any New Earth product, use the Shop selection from the main menu.

Research the core algae product line or the entire product line from the drop down selections.

For the basic super blue green algae energy producer discussed in these posts, choose a 120 capsule bottle of Mind and a 120 capsule bottle of Body. (See more ordering recommendations below.)

The Two Types of AFA – Mind and Body

Mind Type

New Earth Mind SupplementThe Mind form of AFA has the outer wall mechanically removed.

Whereas the whole algae is intact in the Body product.

Removing the outer wall concentrates the organic amino acids in Mind.

Amino acids are the building blocks for all proteins in our bodies and our brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) are built from amino acids.

Mind provides more raw materials for the production of neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous system.

Body Type

In Body, the whole algae is intact. As in Mind, the cell wall is not removed.

The cell wall provides more essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).

These PUFA tend to nourish the physical body more than the the brain and nervous system. I suggest an equal amount of both forms.

Choose Either For Your Needs

If you wish to nourish the brain and nervous system more, emphasize Mind.

To generate an emphasis on physical conditions emphasize Body.

Additionally, there are selected blended products in the line for both of those points of emphasis as well for even more fine tuning. All blends contain a basis of the core algae product as well.

Powder – A Natural Blend of Both Forms

For a combination of the two, select the Wild Algae Blend- 3.5 oz.

The blend is an equal powder form blend of Mind and Body blue green AFA. 

I use the powder to make up my own capsules. This requires a one-time purchase of an encapsulator and vegetarian capsules which you can get from Amazon.

This is not only a good way to get a balanced blend but also a very cost effective way to use the algae on a daily basis.

As previously noted, purchase the encapsulated product first to get used to the product before moving on to the powder.

How Much to TakeNew Earth Body Nutritional Supplement

Start with 1 or 2 of each type (Mind and Body).

See how that feels for a day or two.

If all seems fine, add a capsule and see how that feels.

Continue gradually increasing your amounts, until you reach a level that provides you with an effective level of every day, all-day energy.

There will be a level that will produce that for you. 4 a day work for me. Sometimes a few extra depending on the energy needs of the day.

In my first experience with the product, I drove all-night on a couple of capsules from New Jersey to Montreal for a work related seminar.

Each person’s starting point differs since it is a completely natural, wild harvested food, not a medication.

This product is actually a food which has a level of minerals and amino acids no single food can match for impact- including other forms of blue green algae’s like spirulina and chlorella.

Digestive Issues?

If digestive issues are a problem you have, add the enzymes and probiotics to your order.

2 Different Enzymes
  • Enzymes Plus – An enzyme blend designed for digestive issues.
  • Standard Enzymes – The other is a standard enzyme. Both are broad based.

The standard is a bit more powerful enzymatically, but both work quite well because they are blended with the super blue green algae for minerals which help empower the enzymatic activity.

3 Different Probiotics.

  • Spectrabiotic – Blended probiotic with a variety of pro-digestive bacterial aids.
  • Acidolphilus – Probiotic bacteria found in the colon or large intestine.
  • Bifidus –  Probiotic bacteria found in the small intestines.

    If you wish to add the algae to smoothies. make up your own capsules or even take it in water, order the 3.5 oz powder form. It is a cost saver as well.

    The powder makes up to 400 (or more) “00” capsules. You can purchase a “00” encapsulator from Amazon including empty vegetarian capsules. I prefer the powder and make my own capsules up for the savings and for accurate portability.

If you have any questions on any of the above suggestions, contact Terry at

Personal Experience With the Products

Crater Lake in Oregon. Created by the Eruption of Mt. Mazama Thousands of Years Ago. Situated Above Klamath Lake and Considered the Parent of Klamath Lake Waters.

In addition to nearly 3 decades of use:

  • I have been to the site in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
  • I have seen the algae in its natural bloom on the lake (boat rental).
  • I also visited some of the pure mountain water springs which rise up out of the ground to feed the lake.
  • I had the pleasure of visiting Crater Lake, witnessing the white soil of volcanic earth deposits on the roadside as you drive uphill towards it from Lake Klamath.

On the family level, all of my four children (now married adults) were given the algae while they lived at home. All grew into healthy, productive citizens and are college graduates.

Recommendations of this product come from personal use, my children’s use and that of others I have recommended the product to.


Click here for the testimonials page.

The testimonials went through a rigorous editing process to avoid problems with the medical monopoly.

Consequently, all of the disease names, diagnoses and any descriptive term that may suggest a medical claim have been removed. This is what the economically powerful, medical monopoly does to protect its economic interests.

All the stories are real. Some were skipped because although genuine, may look like hype because of their remarkable results. Fact is, some people have experienced remarkable benefits from this product because nature is more powerful than humans when all is said and done.

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