Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part One)

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If there were more hours in the day would we be happier, richer and more content?

We all have big plans for all the exciting things we’re going to do with our lives, but they often just don’t seem to manifest

We plan to get into better shape, eat more nutritiously, travel, look for a new job, spend more time with friends and family….All of these are things could legitimately help us get more out of our lives and make them better, so we tell ourselves.

Then- we get home from work and….simply crash.

We eat and hit the sofa or end up making dinner, eating, and turn on the TV. Then- its game over. We don’t move for the rest of the evening.

Throw in time for cooking, clearing the dishes, washing them or putting them in the dishwasher, perhaps putting the kids to bed (if you have them) and before you know it – the day is over. Time to get to sleep and get ready for the next day of work.

As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

If you only had more time…. Why you’d be in better shape, you’d get a better job, you’d be able to enjoy time with family and friends, read more books…

Is time really the problem?

When you stop and really think about it, you’ll probably find that you did have the time all along.

How is it that you managed to watch that entire box-set of your favorite TV series recently? Somehow, you managed to squeeze in all those hours into your “busy” life- chalking it off to needing a break or to relax with something entertaining that doesn’t require thought.

Factor in how many hours you spent watching useless videos on YouTube, commenting on forums or Facebook, wasting travel time etc. Couldn’t you have been working, reading or learning a language then?

Do you really need to sleep 11/12 hours on Saturday to catch up on your sleep or could you have managed it better during the week? What did you accomplish that last Saturday you had free?

What it really comes down to, if we are honest with ourselves, is that time is not the problem after all.  Probably not even time management either. No, the real problem is really is your level of energy.

End of Day

After a demanding or even a normal day at work, you find yourself spent. The reason you spend half a weekend day in bed, is because you are recovering from an intense week. One Tired Lady- Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

The reason you just plop on the couch and watch the tube is because you simply don’t have enough mental energy left to do anything useful.

So, it is not time management that is the answer, but rather energy management.

Maybe now is the time to start looking after your health to create more energy. If we pay attention to our energy correctly, we don’t have to become couch potatoes simply because we are working adults. Maybe, we can have the energy of our youth once again.

Envision a New You With More Energy

A lot of us settle for low energy and never even stop to consider that our energy levels aren’t what they should be, or that we could do a lot to get them back. We just settle for low energy and leave it at that.

However, take a moment now and imagine what a day might be like if you had boundless energy. Imagine if you had energy like you had when you were a little kid again…

You would wake up early, refreshed and buzzing, rather than groggy and dreading the day ahead. Instead of hitting the snooze button, you would sit up onto the bed, stretch and feel ready to go at full steam immediately.

You’d get yourself ready in record time and have 30-60 minutes to spend preparing your mind for the day including enjoying a cup of tea, stretching or doing some yoga exercises or meditation while you planned the day ahead or simply went out for a walk to get yourself going.

Imagine: a morning where you weren’t rushed and late out of the door!

Arriving at work on time, you’d power through everything you had to do in no time flat. You wouldn’t procrastinate and take hours to sift through your email or return unnecessary calls or chat about the latest episode of Game of Thrones with your office mates, getting nothing useful done in the meantime. You’d be able to plow through work and finish tasks in half the time it took you before.

The latter half of the day could be less stress free or perhaps focused on a project that would advance your advancement at work. You’d be able to pack up and leave on time- leaving the stress from the day behind you!

High energy workers- Photo by Husna Miskandar on UnsplashPerhaps on the commute home, you’d still have the energy to focus on those things with your travel time that would advance your goals. While driving or on the train, you could put on an audio book from Amazon with audible content. Learn something that would improve your skills or knowledge. With ample energy, you could focus on it and absorb it- even while driving.

Maybe, there would be time for a short walk after arriving home or even a workout or run some days.

Then, you’d get back and play with the kids or connect with your wife or husband. Except now, you’d be in top form and full of positive energy. No need to start any of those stressful arguments to unload now.

If married, you could pitch in and help cook a naturally nutritious meal that actually had right ingredients. Eat a relaxing meal that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and then have the energy to wash up right away.

Instead of letting the house go, you could stay on top of cleaning making the weekends clearer to do what advances or relaxes you rather than spend it working on the house.

Instead of the TV during the week, you could spend the evening doing some study reading a book that advances you closer to your goals or even take up a useful hobby like painting, learning a language, writing that book you’ve always wanted to or simply spend time with the kids they have always wanted from you.

Bear in mind that low energy is responsible for lackluster sex lives too if you’d like to improve that area of your life as well.

Surprisingly, you’d be able to end your energy filled day by falling into a deeper state of sleep more quickly. More naturally produced energy actually means you sleep better as your body has the fuel to make all of the important restorative repairs to your system.

How does all that sound? Amazing? YNo more lethargy, no more slowness, no more wasting hours as a couch potato.

Guess what? It’s something you can accomplish!

What You’ll Learn

In this series of posts, we will begin with energy management to make better use of the energy we already have.

Then, move on to the 3 pillars of creating more energy with education, suggestions, and tools.

You can have more energy even today. You don’t need drugs to do it. Stick with me as we explore in more detail what you can do to naturally produce much more energy and vitality. And change your entire life as a result…for the better.

Move on to Part Two.

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