Build Your Foundation on Solid Ground- Intro to Natural Nutrition

natural nutrition- Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

If you are going to initiate a natural lifestyle, your foundation needs to be built on sound footing. Consequently, the foundation of natural health should always include natural nutrition because nutrition is a very important foundation for good health.

In order to properly use natural solutions, you also need to include natural nutrition. Without a solid foundation of natural nutrition, you are working against yourself no matter how good the natural remedy is. That’s how important this is for you.

If the only change you add in using a natural solution for eliminating a problem is to introduce a nature based remedy, you are missing a very key support. In fact, you are simply substituting one type of remedy for another. It may be less damaging in terms of side effects, but it’s still based on the same medical treatment mentality. You get sick. You take something to fix it.

Natural solutions don’t work like drugs. They are less invasive with less side effects for sure but often work best with the support of natural nutrition. So, let’s take a look at nutrition from the natural perspective and make a few important distinctions.

Nutrition can be likened to gasoline for a car. If the tank is empty, the car won’t run. Consequently, if you don’t eat or drink anything, you will soon perish from this earth, as Lincoln put it.

So, in order to live we need to eat, but the question is what impact does what we eat have on us? Is it good gasoline or bad gasoline?

First, some basic principles.

Food is Life

  1. It’s very basic. No food. No life. Every living entity needs to have a source of food (aka nutrition). Without a food source, the living organism would soon disappear. So, I think we can safely conclude that human beings (and their pets) need food in order to continue to live.
  2. Key point. The quality of food that you put into your body will determine the quality of your blood. If your food quality is poor, then the quality of nutritional content reaching your cells will reflect that same poor quality. Too few or missing minerals, too much fat or sugar content, improper nutrient balance, chemical residues from pesticides or preservatives, whatever. The quality you take in will be transmitted to the blood which is basically how the cells receive their nourishment.
  3. Another key point. Blood quality determines cell quality. Put another way, if your blood quality is poor so too will the cells that are nourished and develop from it be. Poor dietary selections will produce poor quality cells, existing or newly replaced ones.

Let’s Flesh This Out a Bit.

The cells of our bodies are like little factories doing all kinds of work but basically doing the work of forming the foundation for our lives. They are amazing packets of activity and information with functionally specific programming and little nanobots like our enzymes, cell organelles like our ATP motors to produce energy and even workhorse kinesins carrying packets of proteins around performing all of the relentless work of keeping us alive.

However, as well orchestrated as all of this is, these cellular systems and workers need to be nourished as well. The blood is what carries nourishment to your cellular activators. If you feed yourself compromised nutritional quality, you will suffer because your cells and their nanobot workers aren’t getting what they need to keep going.

Think About It This Way

If you went out and purchased a new Mercedes Benz or Maserati, would you pull into a gas station and ask for a fill up with economy fuel? Of course, you wouldn’t. You already know that if you put economy fuel into a finely tuned luxury or sports car the engine would eventually begin to “knock” as they say. That would make your precious investment a waste of money.

On the other hand, here we are with these finely tuned bodies and we are running around putting all kinds of junk into them expecting them to run like a Mercedes Benz. It ain’t gonna work. Eventually, that motor is going to develop some knocks. Ignore those knocks and ultimately that motor is going to break down. If you keep ignoring it, you will eventually pay for your neglect.

It reminds me of the old Fram oil filter commercial where the mechanic says, “You can pay a little more now, or a lot later.” emphasizing that better quality filters may cost a bit more now but because they filter more effectively, your engine will run better overall.

The same concept applies to what you select nutritionally. You can pay attention to what you eat now or you will pay with your health later. natural nutrition- Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash

In contrast, if you do pay attention now and select carefully, you can generate a lifetime of good health. However, if you are in poor health because you were given a pretty amazing cellular structure- with some discipline and good choices your body can transform itself from a state of poor health into a state of energetic well being. That may seem like miracle to you from where you sit right now, but the real miracle is that our bodies have been so miraculously designed that they can tolerate the very poor quality which we feed them with and still continue to run!

So, let me wrap up this introductory part of natural nutrition with this acronym from the computer field- GIGO. This stands for- garbage in. garbage out. You can think of your nutritional choices that way. If you are going to be careless and base your choices on taste with no regard for nutritional content or quality, then you will get unwanted results and produce bad health for yourself. Or with a little conscientious discipline and effort you can produce a state of health you may have only dreamed was possible. Think that may be worth it?   Read on in Part Two.

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