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Super Blue Green Testimonials- Excerpted from Fifty Algae Stories of Hope, Health and Freedom

Fifty Algae Stories

Note: These stories were recorded when New Earth was in its parent company form as Cell Tech. Hence, some of the product terminology describes products that still exist but the names, packaging and sometimes even the form of the product have changed. All are from real people and appeared in the book pictured on this page. They have been edited for length. They were originally edited by the author who eliminated disease names, diagnoses, and many descriptive words that might suggest a medical claim to pass through the Cell Tech approval process to avoid litigation from the medical monopoly.

LPN Saved from Mid-Life Health Crisis Through Algae

When Sandy Schultz reached mid-life, she says her body “fell apart”. During the winter in Wisconsin, when the windows and doors remained shut, the uncirculated air carried irritating dust mites that caused her eyes to water and her nose to run. The build-up of mucous in her lungs stimulated coughing episodes that brought a barrage of clear fluid from her lungs. A steroid inhaler dulled her discomfort, but the attacks never completely disappeared.

After dragging herself from work as a practical nurse, Sandy would flop down on the couch where she remained until bedtime. Unfortunately, the intermittent coughing fits regularly interrupted her sleep, leaving her tired and listless throughout the day. She felt doomed to this cycle as nothing she tried brought any relief.

She was introduced to the algae during a meeting of curiosity in response to an audio tape she received in the mail. At the meeting she hesitatingly sampled a capsule of Mind and Body. Later that day in the afternoon when she would normally slump, she felt as energetic as she had that morning.

She decided to try the product and began with Alpha (Body) and Omega (Mind). Taking it regularly, she quickly experienced change. One busy week, she noticed she was only occasionally using her inhaler and noticed her allergy symptoms had lessened. The skeptical nurse in Sandy still couldn’t accept that a simple food could alter her internal environment so significantly. However, after 4 weeks went by she woke up one morning to discover she had completely clear lungs and was no longer wheezing.

Now, with uninterrupted sleep at night she has enough energy left after the day ends to return home and do household chores or laundry. Instead of being relegated to a life of wheezing and low vitality, she is now able to engage in activities that bring her optimism and hope.

Sandy Schultz, LPN- Greenfield, WI

30 Year Obstetrician Lost a Lung and His Voice – Returned to Health and Voice Though Algae

A popular TV doctor inspired young Franklyn Cook to enroll in medical school. As an obstetrician for 30 years, he helped people to start their families by offering fertility guidance and delivering babies.

One day without warning, as Dr. Cook approached age 60, things changed. While relaxing after dinner with a cup of coffee, he coughed into his napkin and saw an ominous spot of blood. He consulted with a specialist who took a chest x-ray. Soon, the doctor found himself on someone else’s operating table having his right lung removed.

An unfortunate complication of surgery resulted in damage to the nerves to his right vocal cord. He could no longer talk. He silently prayed, “Dear Lord, how can I help people if I cannot talk?” An angel answered his prayers.

Fifty Algae Stories Author Bio

His angel was a friend invited to a dinner with friends, Sue Conover. Looking trim and radiant, she wore a button to their meeting with, “I eat algae. Ask me why.” on it. With Sue looking radiant they asked. It didn’t take Dr. Cook much convincing. Whatever she was doing, he wanted some of it.

This classically schooled physician with no nutritional training soon found himself eating something he thought only grew in fish tanks and swimming pools. Results came quickly, he soon found his energy returning. He became more focused and alert.

The most surprising change was that after four months of eating the algae his speech began to return. Today, [when this testimonial was recorded] Dr. Cook exhibits no sign of his previous disability. He returned to his practice and now says he feels as well and healthy as a man half his age.

Dr. Franklyn Cook, M.D., Carmichael, California

Daughter Helps Mom Get Off Her Merry-Go-Round of Declining Health With Algae

Life was a merry-go-round for Marion. She dragged herself off to work every morning, came home exhausted, tumbled into bed by 8:00 p.m. every night. Invariably, after a restless night and trouble sleeping, Marion would extract herself from bed around 8:00 a.m. and begin the whole cycle again.

She had no appetite, irritable bowel complaints and had been seeing a gastroenterologist for several years. A rheumatologist labelled her assortment of symptoms with various -itis names, and prescribed the associated medications.

For her birthday, in mid-March, Marion’s daughter gave her an algae “Sure Start Program” (This kit from Cell Tech – the original company – consisted of probiotic acidolphilus, enzymes and mind-body algae.) She was unreceptive at first for two reasons.

She heard the words “network marketing” and the magnitude of her problems seemed to be insurmountable to something as simple as a simple food-based product.

However, because her 34-year-old daughter had noticed changes in her own allergy symptoms, had fewer headaches, increased skin tone and an improved mental attitude she decided to give it a try.

“It won’t work for a body as broken as mine, she thought, but I’ll give it a try.”

To her surprise, she saw a difference in five days. Her bowel irritation, which plagued her for 6 years, left completely. By 3 weeks into the program, she was rising at 6:30 a.m. and tackling household chores. Some tasks she had been unable to tackle without help for years, she was doing unaided. More importantly, Marion noticed her attitude improving, “The sun was shining in my life again- something that had been missing for years.”

She began to exercise, became more fit, and watched her body composition change. Because of all these changes when she finished the Sure Start Program, she decided she was well enough to discontinue the algae altogether. [Note: The algae is a food-based supplement, not a medication. Would you stop eating food because you were alive?] Within 4 days, her bowel symptoms returned.

She returned to eating the algae and vowed to never let the bottles get empty again. After a couple of months, Marion noticed that an itching skin problem she had suffered from disappeared. The feeling of having a rock stuck in her stomach also began to leave and she was able to eat meals comfortably again.

One more unexpected benefit, a persistent throat infection causing periodic bouts with laryngitis causing her to miss work also disappeared. Now, her whole family uses the products. Not all of them have experienced the same profound effects that Marion has but “they know that they are putting something really powerful into their bodies every single day. I’m a walking testament to that.”

Marion Jones- El Dorado, Arkansas

Spider Bite Took Her Health – The Gift of Algae From a Friend Returned It

At 5’ 2” and 105 pounds, Nila weighed in between somewhere between a large child and small adult. When she received a bite from a brown recluse spider, she became extremely ill. These hermits only bite when provoked but their bites can prove fatal to a small child.

She decided to recover using herbal blood purifiers and water fasts instead of medication. Slowly, she began to recover, but her former vitality remained elusive. She spent weeks in bed, with no energy and little motivation.

Hearing about Nila’s situation, a friend suggested Super Blue Green algae.  Even though she was still bed ridden, she refused to consider it. She had been taking Spirulina for 10 years, liked it, and couldn’t imagine that Cell Tech [former name of New Earth] SBGA would offer anything more. “No,” she insisted “I like Spirulina, that’s not for me.”

After watching her friend languish for another 3 weeks, Nila’s concerned colleague telephoned her with the following message, “You’re my friend, Nila, and you are going to find some algae in your mailbox today.” Sure enough, when Nila’s husband went to the mail room, an algae care package awaited him.

He found acidolphilus, enzymes and Alpha Sun (now Mind) and Omega Sun (now Body). Believing herself to be healthy, despite her present predicament, Nila began with five Mind and five Body capsules daily along with the probiotics and enzymes.

Three days later, she popped out of bed exclaiming, “Oh, I remember me! This is how I feel- energetic and happy!” Nila now feels the algae has allowed her to assume tasks that a year before would have been unthinkable.

Nila Bornstein- Nevada City, California

Mid-Life Menstrual Cycle Cramps and Memory Issues Disappeared With Algae

“For most of my reproductive life, I suffered from bloating, cramping and mood swings just before and during my menstrual cycle. Over the years, the discomfort and irritability seemed to continue into the month, so that eventually it lasted from one month to the next.”

“I combed the natural food stores in search of herbs, potions, and vitamins to remedy the situation, to no avail. Three years and countless dollars later, I despaired of finding any help.”

Then I heard about Super Blue Green Algae. The first day I ate some, my oldest child said, “Hey, Mom! You’re in a great mood today!” Only then did I notice that I was, indeed, feeling lighter and brighter.

Now every day is better than the one before. That month, my menstrual cycle came and went with no ominous premonition and no discomfort. This change has continued up to the present, and I feel wonderful.”

“Previously, my forgetfulness had also begun to concern me. It had become so obvious that my children would tease me about growing senile.”

Others made excuses for me, “You’re such a busy person, with so much on your mind. No wonder you can’t remember anything.” Living in denial, I bought into their excuses.

“After eating algae for a while, things changed. I no longer put keys in the refrigerator. I’m not senile after all! My family always observes the changes in me before I see them myself. Now, at 43 years young, I can’t imagine what my body and mind would be like without my algae.”

Denise M. Hymans- Penryn, California

Children’s Stories

(Note: These stories reflects the ages of the children at the time of the testimonial.)

Math Grades Rise With Algae

Algae FB Testimonial

More current New Earth Children’s Testimonial from Facebook Post

Ian Frauts is twelve years old and in the seventh grade. One morning he ate two Omega Sun tablets (Now Mind and the tablet form is no longer available) and dashed off for school. At the end of the day, the door burst open as Ian rushed into the kitchen demanding “more of that stuff”.

“What stuff?” asked his mother, Amelia

“You know, that B.G. stuff!” he exclaimed.

“Oh, the algae. What happened at school to make you feel this way?” she wondered.

Ian explained that he was sitting in math class, “All of a sudden, my brain went pow, pow, pow and I got all my math correct. I even beat the teacher!”

Up to this point, this child had struggled with his arithmetic. The concepts had often frustrated him, and he carried a 60% to 70% average. As a teacher herself, Amelia was often puzzled by Ian’s difficulty. He had plenty of help at home, a good teacher at school, and a bright mind. Their family ate a nutritious diet and they were all health-oriented. Something must have been missing.

Ian now eats his algae every day and keeps his math grades above 80%

Tim Frauts and Amelia Frauts- Ontario, Canada

Attention Disorder Disappears With Algae

Noah Carter is a thirteen year old, seventh grade boy living in Paso Robles, California. Since first grade, he has had challenges in the areas of attention, focus, concentration, and learning. He often forgot to turn in his papers and bring his books home. Noah’s parents discontinued his medication approximately a year ago. They were uncomfortable with the increasing dosages and the explosive behavior he exhibited at the end of each day as the medication wore off.

A short year ago, Noah began eating Super Blue Green Algae with the EAT Kit (Mind- Body- Probiotics and Enzymes). After eating these products for two weeks, Noah brought home schoolwork with the teachers remarks “Excellent!” and “Best in Class!” scrawled across the top. He was so proud when he received the highest score out of all the seventh and eighth graders on a language test.

Noah also began interacting better with his five year old brother, and even taught him how to play chess. His mother mentions that she enjoys his company more. He seems more pleasant, more willing to talk, and less withdrawn.

During Noah’s third and fourth weeks on Super Blue Green Algae, his teachers remarked that he was sitting at attention, raising his hand and participating more in class. More importantly Noah seemed happier.

After two months on the algae, the school principal commented on Noah’s improved disposition. His whole persona had changed; his moods and attitudes were balanced, and he no longer appeared somewhat depressed.

“Noah’s family is so thankful to have found that the results they have been seeking for years from modern medicine are available from a natural nutritional food source that has no adverse side effects.” says family friend Kathryn

Reported by Kathryn Reid-Carriero- Auburn, California

Additional and full stories available in the book cited above.