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Discover the Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Microgreens

Microgreens growing on a plate

Growing your own microgreens gives you access to fresh, living greens all year long with little investment of money, time, or previous knowledge. The small amount of space they need makes them a perfect fit for both urban and suburban families who do not have room for a garden.

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5 Tips and Secrets Of Reading Food Labels for Better Health

Food Label Secrets and Tips

Reading labels is an important skill to master to make healthier choices. Inside are 5 secrets/tips to read labels for healthier choices.

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Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part Ten- Supplements for Energy)

SBGA Blue Green Algae Capsules

Since 1976, New Earth’s blue green algae has been wild grown. It is likely still the most powerful energy producing supplement on the planet.

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Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part Eight- Eating for Energy)

Eating for Energy- Photo by 90 jiang on Unsplash

Everything we eat provides energy. Calories measure the energy in food by the biological heat produced from the food. Although a commonly used way to measure food energy, calories are not a good way to gauge the energy food generates.  They do not tell the full story. One failure from the caloric approach is that […]

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Build Your Foundation on Solid Ground- Intro to Natural Nutrition

natural nutrition- Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

If you are going to initiate a natural lifestyle, your foundation needs to be built on sound footing. Consequently, the foundation of natural health should always include natural nutrition because nutrition is a very important foundation for good health. In order to properly use natural solutions, you also need to include natural nutrition. Without a […]

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Levels of Quality in Natural Nutrition- Intro Part 2

high quality nutrition- Photo by Webvilla on Unsplash

Natural is a word that carries a lot of meanings. I sometimes I see it used on products containing sugar or “organic” sugar. Sugar is anything but natural. It is a highly processed food and far from a natural state. To make my point, one useful definition of a drug that I used when teaching […]

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