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Seven Adaptogenic Herbs to Help Safely Reduce Stress and Generate Better Health – Part 1

Schisandra Berry

Adaptogens, originally developed in Russia for stress and stamina, have a wide range of applications- including emotional stress like anxiety without dangerous side effects.

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Reasons to Stay Healthy Grow As Medical Costs Continue to Threaten American’s Financial Stability

Debt Based Inflated Dollar

According to a recent report stemming from a West Health-Gallup survey, Americans were forced to borrow $88 Billion in 2018 to pay for health care. Most of them were insured. We need alternatives other than cost control.

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Time to Break Your Sugar Habit?

Spoonfull of Sugar

Sugar may taste good but it is steadily eroding your health. Many diseases, aside from obesity, have been connected to its overuse. Find out what you can do about it.

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Bayer May Be Regretting Its Purchase of Monsanto As Glyphosate Cases Line Up

Bayer logo

Bayer’s purchase of Monsanto may cost them their business as the glyphosate Roundup related law suits line up.

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Unreported Health Danger: Microwave Level Radiation- EMF’s

Cell Exposure from Smart Meters

Maybe you eat organic and non-GMO food. You only drink purified water. You take care of yourself and your family’s health. Nevertheless, there is a silent, invisible danger causing potential harm to you and your loved ones you likely have not even considered. A danger in which we are mainly unknowing guinea pigs in a giant experiment with still unknown consequences.

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Duke University’s World Food Policy Center – Podcasts and More

World Food Policy Center

The Duke Sanford World Food Policy Center offers a reasoned and intelligent approach to a wide variety of food related issues not typically covered. A site worth visiting from time to time.

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Do You Know What a CSA Is? If Not. Now Would Be a Good Time to Find Out.

Do you know what a CSA is? If not, now is the time to find out. Better hurry, these local farms fill up fast once harvest season approaches.

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Using Essential Oils to Promote Better Health – Part 2

Breathe In

The odor of something has a powerful & immediate effect upon our state of being because the olfactory nerves connect to the brain. Essential oils can be used as aromatherapy to change your state. This post covers how.

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Using Essential Oils to Promote Better Health

Stage One Crude Essential Oil

Essential oils have been used for over 4,000 years. Find out how they can be benefit to your health and emotional well-being.

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How to Grow Your Seedlings from Seeds 101- Part 2

Nanodome Mini Greenhouse

The ABC’s of successful seedling growing for the serious organic gardener.

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