Generate Endless Energy- Naturally (Part Ten- Supplements for Energy)

SBGA Blue Green Algae Capsules

Would you take a supplement which would deliver a powerful supply of all-day energy in a natural and gradual manner? Think that might help your day progress more effectively? Even Popeye might switch allegiance from spinach if he knew about this wild harvested, super food supplement.

People have been using this wild-harvested, organic food based supplement as a nutritional foundation for nearly four decades because it works, and works well. Otherwise, it would have been abandoned a long time ago.

Popeye Wouldn’t Be Powered Up Today

In the 1994 book, August Celebration, about this naturally ocurring supplement, author Linda Grover cites statistics she picked up while researching the impact of industrialized farming on the nutrient content in our food supply.

She discovered the following:

  • In 1948, you could buy spinach which had 158 mg of iron per hundred grams.
  • By 1965, that same amount of spinach had dropped to 27 mg. In 1973, it was averaging just 2.2 mg.

That means you would have to eat (at the 1973 level) 76 bowls of spinach to get the same amount of iron to get the same amount of iron that one bowl would have given you back in 1948.

That was back in 1973.

Our food chain has become markedly depleted since then through the increased exploitation of the soils. coupled with the increase in factory farming, pesticides, additives, preservatives, heavy metals and the processed food/fast food onslaught.

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What Happened to My Spinach?

Poor Popeye would be crushed by Bluto today with the steep drop in the mineral content of his super food!

Unfortunately, like Popeye, diet alone will not ring the bell for us any more. There just isn’t enough accessible mineral and nutritional content left in the foods we eat to rely exclusively on diet alone.

Supplementation has become increasingly important for helping us to restore and maintain an active lifestyle.

Fly In the Supplement Ointment

The problem is, with all of the claims churning around out there, what supplements should you choose ?

Having been engaged in natural health for over 40 years, I endorse only what I know has worked for me or has been proven to work for others. 

The first suggestion, is one that I have used daily or nearly daily for over three decades.

If I had only one supplement to retain, it would be this one because it forms the foundation of all other supplement useage. I don’t want to be without it.

Note: When considering supplements for producing energy, choose the highest available quality. As noted in the hierarchy of natural quality wild is highest, organic next, natural last.

Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae AKA Blue Green Algae

“Algae, isn’t that what fish and frogs eat?”, you may ask.

Well….Yes, they do. But… do humans.

Algae range from micro to macro sized organisms. What we call seaweed or more accurately sea vegetables is a macro form of algae.

Some of the ways algae is already in the American diet are:

  • Sushi – Very popular these days, nori is the sea algae wrapper which covers sushi.
  • Ice cream contains algae in the form of agar agar as a thickener.
  • MSG is a chemical substitute for kombu, a very large, sheet-like form of algae, which contains a potent source of natural glutamate.
  • Healthy children’s snack foods

The point is algae is not as foreign in the human diet as one might imagine.

Other forms of algae you may even be familiar with from a supplementation perspective include spirulina and chlorella. Unlike AFA, these are artificially cultivated, not naturally occurring and wild grown. 

Both of these, even the organic varieties are cultivated primarily in cement ponds for commercial distribution or occassionally in plastic containers at home (in the case of spirulina).

Discovering Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA)

Lake Klamath, Oregon – Pristine, Spring Fed Natural Lake

Unlike other forms of cyanobacteria (blue green algae) is not cultivated. It grows wild on its own in only one place on the planet- Lake Klamath in Klamath Falls, Oregon. As a result of completely naturally occuring condtions it grows in a large enough quantity to make it harvestable as a one-of -a-kind, blue-green algae supplement.


Daryl Kollman, was a pioneer in cultivating both forms of the aforementioned consumable algae. He was given a grant from a Japanese company to cultivate chlorella on a large scale.

He moved to New Mexico with his wife and four children to work on the project when a Senator (Harrison H. Schmitt) from Arizona paid a visit to this large scale algae project in his state. It hit the newspapers with a picture of a scale with a side of beef on one side and small amount of algae on the other. It went all over the world.

Eventually, it was noticed by an attorney from Klamath Falls who knew they had a whole lake of it (125 square miles) up there. He wrote Daryl a letter telling him there was a “zillion tons of it” in Klamath Lake and asked if it was any good or not. (“It” being this unique blue-green algae.)

Daryl called him via a land-line phone (no cell phones in 1976) and asked him to send a sample.

Then, he forgot about it immersing himself in the current projects and getting more funding.

What is This? What Do We Do With It?

In 1977, while Daryl was on the road, a pickup truck arrived unannounced with 5- 50 gallon drums of blue green algae.

Marta, Daryl’s wife at the time, not knowing what to do with it, called around the town. She happened on a local grocer who gave her permission to store it in their freezer.

It sat in the freezer for a couple of months.

Daryl Experiments

Daryl arrived from his trip. He began to experiment with it, as he had done with spirulina and chlorella. He was unimpressed. He couldn’t figure out how to make use of it.

This particular algae wouldn’t respond to the standard heat drying techniques. It just wouldn’t dry correctly, forming a rubbery sheet that remained wet underneath.

Stumped, he tried a big grain dryer. While the algae didn’t rot, it didn’t dry either.

Finally, rather than throw it all out, Daryl decided to run it through someone’s freeze dryer.

That, seemed to work best turning it into a powder.

OK, Now What?

He brought the product home. They had a powder, but what now? There were no guidelines on how to take this stuff.

In fact, they didn’t even know what species they were dealing with at first until they did some research and discovered it was AFA or aphanizomenon flos aquae.

Daryl had worked with both spirulina and chlorella. He was able to tell a little difference with chlorella, but was not overly impressed. (My experience as well, including my four children who rejected both when we attempted to substitute it after we had run out of Super Blue Green algae (SBGA) at one time. They simply hated the taste and smell of it.)

Daryl decided to be the first human guinea pig with this new algae.

He dissolved some in a glass of water and drank it.

His first experience was described in the book, August Celebration:

Almost immediately after Daryl drank this new algae, he began to feel its effects:

All my life I’ve kept my eye on my ‘energy meter‘ because every day that I live I want to live to the fullest. I want to give it everything I have. I’ve always paced myself so I’m totally exhausted at the end of each day. I’m always aware of it, always watching this meter.

The first day I ate the new algae, by lunchtime my meter hadn’t even moved- I had just as much energy as when I woke up.

The afternoon progressed and it went down just the smallest amount. That was important to me; I was working hard during those years because there wasn’t any money.

Sometimes we would work around the clock, and we always worked around the week, because if we stopped – that was a day without potential. We had a small amount of resources left and we were watching them dwindle away at a frightening rate.

At the end of the first day, I still had a lot of energy left, and I told Marta, ‘You’ve got to eat some of this stuff. This is different.’ So Marta ate some at dinnertime.

This turned out to be a first mistake with this new product. While Daryl was able to go to bed at 10:00 p.m., Marta couldn’t sleep.

She lay in bed for a while. Then, she finally got up- rearranged shelves, cleaned closets, read, wrote and was up all night! Marta recalls:

It was like going from kerosene to jet fuel.

That was the birth of a new product which after many changes in the parent company is still going strong after it began in 1982- 36 years ago.

Cell Tech to New Earth

Daryl and Marta are no longer involved and the company which began as Cell Tech, changed to Simplexity for a while. Then, changed hands and became New Earth- it’s present name.

However, the one core product that remained over time is this uniquely sourced wild grown, naturally occurring algae, originally marketed as Super Blue Green Algae (SBGA).

What Makes SBGA Special?

What could make this product so special that it remain a core product over 38 years later? The video below helps answer that question:

Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA), originally called Super Blue Green algae,  is a wild harvested, naturally organic form of edible blue green algae.

This is a key benefit which no other marketed blue green algae shares:

  • Nature produces the growth of this algae, not human intervention.

The other key feature of this product is the environment that it grows in.

Orgins of AFA

The region in which SBGA grows was once the source of a massive volcanic explosion over 7,000 years ago.

According to tribal records, a mountain called Mazama exploded in an eruption which was hundreds of times larger than Mt. St. Helen’s  which created what we now call Crater Lake.

The top 5.000 feet of the mountain blew off covering the area with rich, mineral ash, millions of tons of it.

Boulders from the explosion have been found in Idaho. Smaller pieces all the way up to Calgary.

As Linda Grover puts it in August Celebration:

Five cubic miles of earth. If you look at a map you’ll see thousands of miles of wilderness- the snow-melt from all that land drains down into the lake, carrying the ash with it. So, it’s like a giant nutrient funnel for the algae, which soaks up all those minerals like a living sponge.

Impact on Lake Klamath

Today, there is 35 feet of this volcanic sediment on the bottom of Lake Klamath- one inch of which could provide the algae with enough minerals to keep the algae blooming for 60 years.

Additionally, the water which flows into Klamath Lake (downhill from Crater Lake) from springs which arises out of the ground at 37° with no signature.

In other words, it has no dissolved minerals in it. When it warms and expands, it is able to absorb huge amounts of minerals from the volcanic sediment.

So, in addition to the volcanic ash dissolved in pure mineral water, there is another growth factor which contributes to the perfect growing environment- a relatively shallow lake.

Like a Natural Bath Tub

As a result of all the sediment- Klamath Lake is relatively shallow– only 9′ deep at its deepest points. So, the lake during the months of July and August warms up like a giant bathtub.

The clean, mineral rich water, warmth and massive area creates a perfect time for algae to bloom. And bloom it does- millions of tons of it.

That was where the ingenuity of Daryl and Marta Kollman came in to create a wild grown, naturally harvested product.

Since, the advent of AFA, because of its high concentration of nutrients it has been blended into a range of other supplements which support overall health.

However, the core product, still remains the wild harvested, blue green algae- aphonizomenon flos-aquae (AFA).

Harvesting Process and Quality Control

  1. The raw whole food product is harvested directly from the lake on boats specifically customized for this purpose.
  2. It is freeze dried on the boat upon harvest to preserve its abundant nutrient value.
  3. Before conversion to a consumer product, each batch is carefully screened for toxicity.

The harvesting process is shown in the video below:

Benefits of AFA

The AFA is a naturally occurring water plant serving as:

  • Rich source of raw, organic nutrients which particularly boost both physical energy and central nervous system health.
  • Provides all of the 20 essential amino acids in a raw organic, wild grown, format readily assimilated to directly feed and enhance the brain, central nervous system and physical body.
  • The balance of essential amino acids in these particular algae closely matches the perfect human amino acid profile determined by the Food and Nutrition Council which means it is absorbed and used by the body very quickly and without physiological resistance.

Some additional benefits include:

* Enhanced absorption and assimilation of food nutrients because it fills in the gaps left by our depleted nutrient food sources for reasons described in the last post. Minerals like magnesium found in AFA blue green algae help the cells to produce ATP which is the primary source of our cellular energy.

* It provides a natural and quickly absorbed source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are essential in the formation, flexibility and fluidity of all of our cell membranes an anti-aging preventative. EFA’s particularly omega-3 also assist in the functioning of the brain and nervous system as well healthy skin and hair.

* Offers a convenient and affordable daily supply of a vast array of micronutrients which you cannot get from food because of growing conditions and depleted soils. Micronutrients rich in minerals, vitamins and the building blocks all bodily proteins necessary for life- amino acids.

* High in antioxidant pigments like chlorophyll and phycocyanin. Also in antioxidant nutrients like superoxide dismustase (SOD) and glutathione. Free radicals damage cells. Antioxidants help to fight excess free radicals which damage normal cells promoting low energy in the body especially if in organic form as found in the blue green algae.

So, how can you get this product to your door?

This is covered in the Next Part

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